Top 3 Reasons Why you Should Retire to the Countryside

Why Get Back to Nature?

Planning your retirement is never an easy task.  Whether you know exactly what you want to do, or are worried about the years ahead, one thing is true, your retirement is your opportunity to start living out your best years.

It’s a known fact that being surrounded by greenery and natural open spaces is beneficial to your mental well-being, so if you truly want to make the most of it, there’s one place above all that will help keep you happy, energised and ready to make the most of your retirement – and that’s being close to nature.

Not convinced?  Here are the top 3 reasons why you should retire to the beautiful countryside…

1. It’s the best environment to relax

There’s nothing like being amongst nature, and after the busy hustle and bustle of your life or city living, we think you deserve some time to yourself to really take a breath and relax in a peaceful living environment.

Recent studies have shown that being in nature not only helps us relax and switch off, but also reduces stress levels and releases endorphins that make us happier too!

2. It does wonders for your health

Over the years, being outdoors and surrounded by nature has been found to help ease many mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression. This is particularly important in retirement years as it is throughout your life, as making the adjustment into your retirement is a big change in your life.  Being amidst nature not only helps with your mental health, but also helps with your physical health as well.

This is because it actually helps boost your immune system, keeping your body in check, helping it to fight off illnesses.  So, you’ll not only feel better out in nature and fresh air, but also be more ready to keep common colds and flues at bay – so you’re stronger, and more active, ready to make your retirement really count.

3. It helps keep you energised and ready to embrace your retirement

Going out for a walk in nature is a fantastic way to engage in light, everyday exercise that gives you the energy to carry out everything you want to achieve in your retirement, whilst keeping your body in the best condition and keeping you feeling great.

This is particularly important for those who are retiring from high-energy jobs, who will need something to do to ensure they stay fit, strong and healthy.  Currently, it’s recommended that to keep at your best, you should partake in moderate exercise for at least 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week.

So, a brisk morning walk in the fresh air may be the perfect thing you need to ensure that you live out your retirement to the best you can!  Otter Valley is situated in a fantastic location to not only enjoy the open countryside views and rambles, but is also close by to all the amenities you’d need, with the town centre being a short 15 minute stroll from the park!

Get in touch with us today to come and view the park, the beautiful setting and our final home for sale at Otter Valley

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