All You Need to Know About Buying a Residential Park Home in Devon

Buying a park home: What do I need to know?

Before buying a park home, there’s a few things you should be aware of. Below, is a list of five key things to bear in mind when considering buying a park home.

First of all, you will be buying the home and not the plot. This isn’t a bad thing as it means that the site owner is responsible for maintaining and managing each pitch.

A pitch fee will be required for the occupation of the plot. Some park homes may charge separately for water, gas and electricity.

Council tax will be required to the local authority.

If your park home/site has rules then you must comply with them at all times.

Anyone buying a park home will need to complete all necessary paperwork. Likewise, you should also ensure that you have been provided with the correct paperwork and forms.

Just like purchasing a property, these points above are just as important when buying park homes. Like a mortgage, it’s important to cover all aspects and avenues, as this will highlight and show up exactly what’s expected. This will then ensure that everything has been done correctly and meets with the latest Government regulations for buying a park home.

Buying a Residential Park Home in Devon
Residential Park Home in Devon

Buying a residential park home

When it comes to buying a residential park home in Devon, the information above should provide you with an insight on what to expect. Buying a residential park home is an exciting prospect and so should the experience be. Therefore, the process should always be as smooth running as possible from start to finish, allowing for a stress-free purchase for you, which is hugely important to us.  After all, purchasing a home at a residential park is a big decision, meaning it’s got to be done right, just like buying any other property.

The park you choose has also got to be right for you, because you’re going to be living in your new residential park home permanently. So, make sure you explore the local surrounding areas to ensure they are well suited for you and your needs – and arrange a viewing at the local residential parks in Devon to explore your choices before coming to a final decision.


How much does a park home cost?

The cost of a park home can vary depending on the location, age of the home and the size. With the average park home being much more affordable than a brick and mortar house, your budget and requirements will affect the price.

Who can buy a park home?

Almost anyone can purchase a park home. However, you may find that some parks have certain age regulations. Whereas other sites may accept everyone of any age.  Here at Otter Valley we offer park homes for residents that are either retired or semi-retired, aged 50+.

Where can I buy a park home?

At Otter Valley! We are an exclusive residential park in Devon, set in the beautiful countryside. Once more, we have various park homes and plots available, giving you different, quality options to choose from when buying a park home in Devon…