5 reasons why living in the countryside is great for you

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If we can take anything out of the last year, it’s to truly appreciate the beautiful simplicity of being outdoors and the wonder of nature.  So, if you’re considering moving from the city to the countryside for a slower pace of life, you’re not alone!  Below we have listed just 5 of the many benefits of moving to the peaceful and glorious countryside, read on to  learn more…


1. It’s more affordable

It’s well known that living in the countryside is more affordable than living in the big city, and the cost of living drops even further for more rural areas.

Of course, what you pay and what you get for your money is going to differ depending on the location.  However, if you’re looking for somewhere to spend less and get more, the first place you should start your search is in the countryside.  Purchasing a residential park home in the countryside is a great way to release some capital and reduce your everyday living costs, so you can enjoy life to its fullest!

2. The air is cleaner

The further out into the countryside you get, the more the air quality improves.  Researchers have a few ideas for why this might be, including less pollution, greater abundance of trees and grass, and perhaps even exposure to cell-improving phytochemicals that get released from plants, fungi, and microbes.

Pollution in more heavily-populated areas comes not only from a lack of greenery, but also from trucks, buses, cars, factories, and other factors of urban environments.  Escaping this polluted air for the countryside, means better quality of air to breathe and better protection against certain health conditions.

3. It’s better for your mental health too

Believe it or not, your brain actually functions differently in the countryside.  Living in an urban environment over-stimulates two key and potentially harmful regions of the brain: the areas that regulate emotion and anxiety.  Scientists believe this is the reason they see higher rates of mental health problems in cities than non-urban areas.  In the countryside, the brain is less likely to experience this kind of overstimulation.  The benefits? A lower risk of anxiety and mood disorders.

You’re not going to be able to completely prevent a mood disorder or mental illness just because you live in the countryside, nor are you guaranteed to have less stress in your life simply because you’re out of the city.  However, you are going to avoid some of the increased risk factors for these psychological ailments that are deeply connected with city life, and it’s a benefit of countryside living worth considering.

4. There’s less crime

Residents in rural areas are less likely to fall victim to a wide range of crimes versus those who are living in the city.  Part of the reason for this is just a sheer numbers game, there are less people living in the countryside, thus less opportunity for crime to occur.

Crime can happen anywhere though, so the countryside certainly isn’t guaranteed to be completely free of it.  Still, if you’re looking to live somewhere where you would feel more comfortable going for a hike just the two of you, being on your own, or just leaving your windows open for a cool breeze while you sleep at night, statistically speaking, the countryside is going to be your best bet.

5. Being among nature

Being outside in the open air is connected with many of the benefits of countryside living, and while you don’t necessarily have to go out of the city to find some sunshine and green spaces, head out to rural land and you’ll definitely find much more of it.  As for specific benefits, immersing yourself in a beautiful, natural environment is good for everything, from improving your short term memory, to lowering your blood pressure.  It may even make you feel more creative!

It’s no secret that spending more time in nature is a great way to improve your overall health, and when you’re living the ‘countryside life’, you don’t have to go very far to reap the benefits.  Natural paradise can be found right outside of your door, instead of a stuffy car or bus ride away…

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